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Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Bt Tiếng Anh 12 Unit 1 mới nhất ngày 23/05/2022 trên website Caffebenevietnam.com. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, bài viết này đã đạt được 23,661 lượt xem.

--- Bài mới hơn ---

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  • I. Phonetics

    1. Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part.

    2. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

    11. A. return B. parents C. weekend D. household

    12. A. project B. garbage C. message D. disturb

    13. A. holiday B. different C. interesting D. important

    14. A. afford B. nuclear C. problem D. lifestyle

    15. A. solution B. obedient C. confidence D. supportive

    16. A. cultural B. entirely C. biologist D. discussion

    17. A. envy B. equal C. social D. support

    18. A. dominate B. business C. employee D. grandchildren

    19. A. traditional B. appliances C. complicated D. convernience

    20. A. family B. together C. photograph D. mischievous

    II. Vocabulary

    1. Choose the word which best fits each gap of the sentence.

    21. There’s no place like …………… .

    A. house B. home C. home base D. household

    22. She was very ……………. during my father’s illness.

    A. support B. supporter C. supporting D. supportive

    23. Please come ……………… and see us some time. You’re always welcome.

    A. to B. away C. round D. about

    24. They have responsibility ……………… ensuring that the rules are enforced.

    A. on B. for C. in D. with

    25. He was always …………… to his father’s wishes when his father was alive.

    A. pleased B. interested C. obedient D. disappointed

    26. My mother did all the housework …………… her own.

    A. by B. on C. for D. with

    27. Finally, thanks to their parents’ help, they found the ……………… to that problem.

    A. way B. decision C. condition D. solution

    28. We are now attending evening classes to ………………. our English and computer skills.

    A. study B. learn C. know D. improve

    29. Metro is a very cheap place to buy ……………. goods such as washing powder and other cleaning products.

    A. home B. house C. household D. home-made

    A. act B. acting C. active D. action

    2. Choose the word which best fits each gap of the passage.

    Gianluca Vinti has a (31) ………….. job at an Italian university, a car, (32) ……………. clothes and a mobile phone. But in reality, Vinti is a boy, who is still living at home at 33 and unashamed of it. “It’s true thatlife at home is easier”, he says. “I have fewer expenses and my mother still (34) …………… my relationship with my family is excellent. Until I see a valid reason for leaving, I’ll say.”

    Vinti’s not alone: (35) ………….. recent ps, the number of boys between the ages of 18 and 34 living with their parents has (36) …………… 58.5 percent, up from 51.8 percent seven years ago. The main reason boys are at home long after they’ve become men is financial, but the mother-son relationship (37) ………….. as strong as ever. In Italy, leaving your parents’ home at an early age before(38) ……………. married can lead other people to suspect that (39) …………….. is wrong in the family. The normal time to move out of your parents’ house is (40) ………………. you start your own family.

    31. A. teach B. taught C. teacher D. teaching

    32. A. suitable B. modern C. fashionable D. convenient

    33. A. gets B. brings C. takes D. gives

    34. A. so B. despite C. because D. although

    35. A. with B. the fact C. in addition D. according to

    36. A. had B. gone C. got D. reached

    37. A. remains B. seems C. appears D. look likes

    38. A. being B. getting C. having D. becoming

    39. A. nothing B. anything C. everything D. something

    40. A. why B. that C. when D. where

    III. grammar

    1. Choose the word or phrase which best fits each gap of the sentence.

    41. …………… he spoke slowly, I found it difficult at times to follow his argument.

    A. Although B. Despite C. Because D. In spite of

    42. He refused to give up work, ……………. he’d won a million pounds.

    A. Despite B. however C. as though D. even though

    43. By half past ten tomorrow morning, I ………… along the motorway.

    A. drive B. am driving C. will drive D. will be driving

    44. I asked Gill what time it was but she said she ……………. a watch.

    A. isn’t having B. doesn’t have C. didn’t have D. hasn’t had

    45. I’ve known him …………… I left high school.

    A. when B. since C. until D. during

    46. I couldn’t arrive at the airport in time ……………. the traffic was heavy.

    A. but B. despite C. because D. in sipte of

    47. I’d rather you …………. to her why we can’t go toher birthday party.

    A. explained B. to explain C. will explain D. would explain

    48. I’d have told you if I ………….. seen the book.

    A. have B. had C. would have D. should have

    49. We wanted to thank them for what they …………………

    A. do B. did C. are doing D. had done

    50. I sat near the window whenever I ……………… a bus.

    A. take B. took C. has taken D. am taking

    2.Choose the word or phrase which best fits each gap of the passage.

    It was a cold morning and a solf breeze (51) ………….. in the air. We left the cottage by 8 a.m, after (52) …………… the most beautiful place in England at the early winter. The grass (53) …………… wet and we could smell the fresh air in the morning.

    As we (54) ………….. down to the village, the car suddenly (55) …………… . All of us didn’t know what (56) ………….. , as we were in the middle of the forest in a foreign country, two hours away from the departure of our plane back to Portugal.

    The car (57) ………… and we had to leave it at the airport. What should we do? We got desperate and let me (58) ……………. you that this was the most stressful day of my life. We walked and walked all a long day under the rain.

    Finally we (59) …………… a young man that (60) …………… to London. He was very nice and so helpful, so we decided to sleep in Heathrow.

    51. A. danced B. is dancing C. was dancing D. has danced

    52. A. had B. having C. had had D. having had

    53. A. is B. was C. has D. has been

    54. A. went B. were going C. has gone D. had gone

    55. A. stopped B. was stopped C. was stopping D. had stopped

    56. A. do B. did C. doing D. to do

    57. A. rented B. renting C. be rented D. was rented

    58. A. tell B. told C. telling D. to tell

    59. A. find B. found C. have found D. had found

    60. A. went B. was going C. were going D. had gone

    IV. reading comphension

    1.Read the passage and choose the best answer.

    I might be letting my young son watch too much television. I am certainly watching too many of his programs. They can really be perplexing as they force you to ponder the mysteries of life. For example, when Franklin (the turtle) wanted a pet, his parents didn’t want it to be a frog. They felt that frogs beling in a pond. Isn’t that where turtles belong? And why is it that Little Bear’s animal fritends can all talk and behave like people, but his friend Emily has a dog that can only bark and fetch. Tell me that is n’t a mystery!

    And this is gross! The other day we watched a very nice little pig setting up a picnic. One of the foods was a pig ham. Could it have been a soy ham? Is there such a thing? I hope so! Another thing that bothers me: What if Elmo isn’t real? He can’t be a mere puppet! He’s got a better attitude than most people. I just keep wondering. I think we’ll turn off the TVand go out for a walk. Maybe we’ll run into that mouse who dresses well but certainly doesn’t speak as clearly as the average bear.

    61. Which word is a synonym of ‘perplexing’?

    A. Boring.

    B. Confusing.

    C. Humorous.

    D. Itchy.

    62. The author thinks it’s ‘gross’ when a pig

    A. has a picnic because pigs are dirty animals.

    B. eats soy beans because soy beans give pigs gas.

    C. eats ham because ham is too expensive for farm animals.

    D. eats ham because ham is made from pigs.

    63. The author probably

    A. believes that Elmo is a real live creature.

    B. wishes that Elmo were a real live creature.

    C. feels that Elmo is a very annoying creature.

    D. won’t let his son watch Sesame Street.

    64. The author is implying that

    A. there’s a TV mouse that should speak more clearly.

    B. TV mice should not wear good clothes.

    C. bears can really speak more clearly than mice.

    D. watching television is better than playing outdoors.

    65. Which word is a synonym of ‘ponder’?

    A. Avoid.

    B. Remember.

    C. Consider.

    D. Hide.

    2.Read the passage and choose the best answer.

    The American family unit is in the process of change. In the first hall of the 20 th century, there were mainly two types of families: the extended and the nuclear. An extended family includes mother, father, children and some other ralatives, living in the same house. A nuclear family is composed of just parents and children living under the same roof.

    As the American economy had progressed from agricultural to industrial one, people were forced to movie to different parts of the country to get good jobs. These jobs were mainly in the large cities. Now, in fact, three-quarters of Amricans live in urban areas which occupy 2,5% of the national total land mass. Of the 118 million in the labour force, only 3 million still work on the farm.

    Since moving for better jobs has often pided the extended family, the nuclear family became popular. At psent, 55% of the families in the U. S are nuclear families. But besides the two types of traditional family groupings, the family is now being expanded to include a variety other living arrangements because of porce. There are is an increase in single-parent families, in which a father or mother live with one or more children. Divorce has also led to blended families, which occur when pviously married men and women marry again and combine the children from former marriage into a new family. There are also some couples who do not want to have children to form two-person childless families.

    66. A nuclear family is one that

    A. consists of father, mother and children living in the same house.

    B. relatives live with.

    C. there are only grandparents, parents and their children living in.

    D. is bigger than extended family.

    67. Under the same roof means

    A. a house with one roof .

    B. a house with the roof the same as the wall.

    C. in the same building.

    D. under the house.

    68. The nuclear family becomes more popular because of

    A. more porces.

    B. the pision of the extended family.

    C. fewer jobs in big cities.

    D. an increase in single-parent families.

    69. How many types of families have there been in the U. S since the first half of the 20 th century?

    A. Two. B. Three. C. Four D. Five

    70. A blended family is a newly-formed family

    A. with the combination of children of the two pviously maried father and mother.

    B. that has only father or mother living with children.

    C. in which there are no children.

    D. that there is only one couple living in.

    V. use of english

    1. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence that needs corecting.

    71. It (A) believed that “Men (B) make house (C) and women make (D) home”.

    72. Our family (A) is a base (B) from which we can go (C) into the world with (D) confident.

    73. (A) During the school year, I’m not allowed (B) to watch television (C) when I have finished my (D) homework.

    74. I (A) have been looking (B) for my keys. (C) Did you see them (D) anywhere?

    75. (A) Could you (B) tell us (C) a few about (D) your family?

    76. (A) In spite of he was (B) very tired, Mr. Brown tried his (C) best (D) to finish his report on time.

    77. Nowadays, grandparents can live (A) happy (B) with (C) their children (D) and grandchildren.

    78. When Mary’s friends (A) arrived (B) at the station yesterday (C) to see her off, the train (D) left.

    79. I (A) met your old (B) English teacher (C) while (D) walked down the street.

    80. (A) My daughter attempts (B) passing the (C) entrance examination (D) this year.

    3.Choose the correct sentence with the same meaning as the one in italics.

    81. Sebastian’s career as a television psenter began five years ago.

    A. Sebastian has worked as a television psenter since five years.

    B. Sebasrian has worked as a television psenter for five years.

    C. Sebastian has been worked as a television psenter for five years.

    D. Sebastian worked as a television psenter for five years.

    82. Charles live quite near his aunt’s house.

    A. Charles doesn’t live a distance from his aunt’s house.

    B. Charles doesn’t live away from his aunt’s house.

    C. Charles doesn’t live a long way from his aunt’s house.

    D. Charles used to live near his aunt’s house.

    83. Tom regretted buying the second-hand car.

    A. Tom wished he hadn’t bought the second-hand car.

    B. Tom wished he hasn’t bought the second-hand car.

    C. Tom wished he didn’t bought the second-hand car.

    D. Tom wished he wouldn’t buy the second-hand car.

    84. She moved to London two years ago.

    A. It is two years since she has moved to London.

    B. It is two years since she moved to London.

    C. It was two years since she moved to London.

    D. It was two years since she has moved to London.

    85. Although he took a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the correct.

    A. In spite of taking a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the correct.

    B. Bill still arrived late for the correct despite he took a taxi.

    C. In spite of a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the concert.

    D. Because he took a taxi, Bill still arrived late for the correct.

    86. If he’d had my address with him, he’d have sent me a postcard.

    A. He sent me a postcard because he had address with him.

    B. He didn’t send me a postcard because he didn’t have my address with him.

    C. He didn’t send me a postcard because he doesn’t have my address with him.

    D. He didn’t send me a postcard although he had my address with him.

    87. Riding a bicycle on the pavement is against the law.

    A. You are not allowed to ride a bicycle on the pavement.

    B. You are not allowed riding a bicycle on the pavement.

    C. You shouldn’t ride a bicycle on the pavement.

    D. It is impossible to ride a bicycle on the pavement.

    88. They’ll have to cancel the picnic if it rains.

    A. The picnic will be cancelled if it rains.

    B. The picnic will have to be cancelled if it rains.

    C. The picnic must be cancelled if it rains.

    D. The picnic will has to be cancelled if it rains.

    89. My cousin lost his job two years ago.

    A. My cousin has been unemployed for two years.

    B. My cousin has been unemployed since two years.

    C. My cousin was unemployed for two years.

    D. My cousin has been employed for two years.

    90. After locking the door of the shop, she left.

    A. She didn’t leave as soon as she locked the door of the shop.

    B. She left before she locked the door of the shop.

    C. She didn’t leave before she locked the door of the shop.

    D. She didn’t leave until she locked the door of the shop.

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